Who's on your team?

Networking. A bit of a chore. For most of us anyway. We've all done gigs that have gone on for longer than promised, with people who have that loud piercing laugh which has our teeth grinding, or really forced chat with someone just as uninterested in engaging in conversation as you are. Then that silent (or sometimes not so silent) cheer when you realise your pal is sat the other side of the orchestra and you can ease into the tea break chat with mindless natter. Who feels me!? Freelancing really relies on a strong network of people who support you, your craft and your ambition in the industry. It's part of the job to stay and chat and to always present the best version of yourself as you c

When did you last recognise all that you've achieved?

Life is fast. You blink and a moment has passed. We have to live in a way that fits that - rushing around trying to fit everything and everyone in. I'm definitely a culprit of that. I think it's really important to get the most out of every moment, but I've started to recognise the importance of taking a moment to regroup and re-energise. Yeah yeah, I sound VERY peace & love, (my pals know this to be too true!) but it really is important. When did you last take a moment to reflect on all that you have lived through, all that you have achieved, all that you have SURVIVED? As musicians, we work hard. We have to. There are so many of us working for the same goal that it has to be competitive, a

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