A small introduction.

This is just a small hello, hi and welcome to my world! It felt important to drop in and explain my reasons behind this blog, who I am and where I'm at.

I graduated in the summer of 2017, having intensively trained at a really prestigious conservatoire for five years. It was an amazing place to have studied, surrounded by insane talents and experienced professors and I loved the majority of it. I am in no doubt that it was the right place for me to train as I begin my professional career (eee!). It was by no means a straightforward run of constant musical development, and like every artist there were huge highs and lows, but overall I was really happy there. Now, having left and begun to look forward to the next chapter, I've finally had the chance to reflect and begin to process the last five years of my life.

This blog is a chance for me to document life as I figure it out. To discuss both the hugely important and hilarious annoyances of the classical world with my friends, with you, and to understand it myself. It is a place of honesty - it's really important for me be truthful and unashamed with the things I share with you, the things I wish people had told me as I studied and when I left. It's always up for discussion- so if you want me to give my two cents on particular things, or you heavily disagree with me, LET ME KNOW! It's important for you to know that I'm gonna be real with you, but always kind.

Anyway, hiya! and see you soon.

Abs x

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