When did you last recognise all that you've achieved?

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Life is fast. You blink and a moment has passed. We have to live in a way that fits that - rushing around trying to fit everything and everyone in. I'm definitely a culprit of that. I think it's really important to get the most out of every moment, but I've started to recognise the importance of taking a moment to regroup and re-energise. Yeah yeah, I sound VERY peace & love, (my pals know this to be too true!) but it really is important. When did you last take a moment to reflect on all that you have lived through, all that you have achieved, all that you have SURVIVED?

As musicians, we work hard. We have to. There are so many of us working for the same goal that it has to be competitive, a dog eat dog world. We live through countless unsuccessful auditions, months of financial uncertainty, and constant judgement of our creativity, musicality and craft. We have to be so driven and focused that we always look towards the next task, and if you don't stop NOW and reflect, you never will. 100% of your focus will be on what’s coming next and that often manifests as anxiety and fear.

Flip it.

think about everything you've overcome

to reach the point you are at now.

You worked hard enough and were talented enough to audition for and gain a conservatoire place.

You have learnt, survived, picked yourself up, carried on when it got tough, and come out the other side.

You've won that single place in an orchestra, or got your highest mark in an assessment.

You graduated, or you're en route to graduation, and that needs to be appreciated by YOU!

If someone you knew told you they had ALREADY lived all of that, wouldn't you congratulate them? Appreciate it, and acknowledge it? Of course you would.

So whats the difference between them and you...?



I can tell you this now, it is always easier to hear from someone else, but I can't tell you how important it is for you to begin to recognise it, and to do so now.

We live in a world where sometimes it feels like you just can’t win. You self-deprecate because it's arrogant to be proud of yourself, you're proud of yourself and it's met with contempt. Totally lame if you ask me, and something I struggle with too. So where do you start to change this?

- Don't add more pressure to yourself. There's enough stress trying to #liveyourbestlife

- BABY STEPS. Try finding one thing that happened last week that made you feel good, and then congratulate yourself. Let it be tiny - getting up five minutes earlier to stretch, or huge – reaching out to ask someone to collaborate.

- Talk to your mates. It is always easier to big up your mates than it is yourself.

- Experiment with when you take the moment to reflect. Sometimes it’s the best start to the morning, and sometimes all you need with your 7am start is a strong coffee, you get me?

- There's no right and wrong, just what feels good.

Take a moment, later today or tomorrow, and just reflect on where your life has taken you. If you're not where you want to be right now, don't let that cloud all that you've already accomplished. Take a moment and recognise how powerful and incredible you really are. Dare you.

Abs X

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