Let's talk Millennial Burnout.

I read a really fascinating article the other day about Millennial Burnout. Just those two words make you wanna roll your eyes right? Thy definitely did me. But I read it anyway, and I honestly haven't resonated with so much in a really long time. I essentially see this as a ridiculous paradox – as millennials we're told we are entitled and lazy, and then, because there's so much pressure for us to 'better' ourselves, we relentlessly pursue side hustles and hobbies so we can prove to society that we aren't lazy! Result - total burnout where we really do end up unable to better ourselves any further, enforcing this bullshit generational stereotype. It's just so RIDICULOUS. And it got me thinking – it’s constantly levelled at us that in order to be deemed 'proactive' we must be excelling in every area of our life, and it's Exhausting!

So I decided to write this is because I've now tried half a dozen times to get a new post together, but I wasn’t quite finding the right words. Not because they were too soul sharing or cliched, they just felt a bit meh. And I've been nagging myself since December to get something up, cos I promised I would, but whatever I came up with seemed uninspired and bit naff. Then I read this article, which I'm gonna link at the bottom, that powered me up to write this. Boom.

From a freelance creative's perspective, it's the nature of the job that our time is 90% side hustle, with just 10% of 'here's some work, enjoy'. We all know that. We're all at peace with it because we feel like this is what we are meant to be doing at this particular moment in time. But then comes the added pressure of having an active social life, going to the gym so many times a week, informing ourselves of the political climate, the eco-climate of the world AND meditating on a daily basis. And we still keep getting the message that as a generation we're lazy and unable to think for ourselves. We’re deemed to be failing if we can't buy a house, or save whilst paying high rents, so that in the next two years we can. It's an uphill battle, and although I think I've felt it from time to time, until I was confronted with this article, I didn't really understand the socially enforced exhaustion I felt as a 25 year old.

Listen, you can guarantee someone will read this and roll their eyes, cos you can never win ey? But even just acknowledging the external pressures I've felt throughout my 20's has been a freeing experience. I just think it's really important to recognise that you're working really hard, and the stereotype of the millennial “snowflake” can have a really negative effect on day to day life without you even realising it. For me, just recognising that I'm doing bloody fab to juggle everything that I do, has allowed me to throw a big old finger to this absurdity. I mean, cmon hun, the generation that are telling us to just 'get on with it' are the same bunch who are supposedly sorting out this Brexit thing. But we're the catastrophe. Cool.

But you know what – I think this is actually the best possible moment for creatives. There’s total chaos out there, which is exactly what we need to carve the next generational path. So much of the old order just isn’t working (looking at you current housing market), that it is forcing people to rethink how we function day to day. So we should continue with our side hustles and our crazy busy lives, but we must do so knowing that it's worth it and that we are actively creating changes. And we're not bloody lazy.

You're bossing it ya gorgeous bunch. Pour yourself a drink and toast that.

Big love,

Abs X

ps. Article here ↧


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